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Selena has been a guiding force on my Journey with this Universe.  I am a practical person who has discovered a new meaning to life with the work I have been doing.  She has helped me with self discovery, the meaning of relationship and connecting my intention with this universe.  I can’t thank her enough for the learnings.

- Sherif Nathoo

Selena is an accomplished healer whose intuitive insight helped to lift me out of a subtle but deep depression.  Her refreshing and light attitude is very joyful to work with. Her connection
to the divine is palpable and real. 

- Ellie , Lake Tahoe

If you’re interested in change but at a loss for direction not only will she point you toward the right path she provides vast services to help you achieve your goals. If you want true healing and health, working from the inside out is the way to do this and I guarantee Selena has the wealth of knowledge, the aptitude, the warm heart and the welcoming soul to get you where you want to be and most importantly where you need to be. 


- Chantel Lewis

Selena Moon - the divine, loving soul that truly has a gift that is so unique to her. She has found her true purpose. She is so connected to source, she can channel instantly with a message that is so clear. She holds space like no other, she is patient and she is always non judgmental, she listens to those that feel called to share with love and compassion and intense interest. The exercises are sooo divinely channeled and creative like I’ve never seen before. It allows you to pull the layers back, to elevate, to uplift, to bring you closer and closer to source. Within this beautiful circle, you are grounded and you are connected, you are safe and you are loved. Everything is perfect and so it is.

- Sophia Naser

I was holding onto a negative event that wasn’t caused by me or even about me. 

Someone else’s stress was causing me anxiety. Once Selena freed me of that event, it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I saw a massive shift in how I felt. 

I have recommended this service to two friends. I told them how I got answers for questions that I had for years and how freeing this was.

- Heather Thomson, Senior Property Accountant, Author, Real Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur.

One of the most soulful women that I have had the privy of meeting and getting to know. She has helped me A LOT through my self identifying journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone that holds self-growth valuable.


- Melissa Ziaei

I want to sincerely thank you for the work and time spent on me and my soul. When I first started I was hesitant yet excited and had no idea just how much my life would change. It was subtle and massive at the same time. I look back now on who I was, and see how much clarity my soul has been given since working with Selena. She opened my body, spirit and mind and allowed me to get closer to the person I was born to be. Something I can only truly describe as magical.


The hardest, yet most rewarding part was trusting in the process, and once I did I saw that that the universe has sent this beacon of light my way to guide me. I can’t thank you enough for all your energy and work, and I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to feel the magic that I felt while working with Ms. Selena Moon.

- Janelle Savel

I have experienced some pretty deep healing with Selena. It has actually taken me a while to write this review because some of what I have healed is so immense. Its tremendous what has transpired. Pain has left my body, ideals and thoughts that have held my heart sad for YEARS – gone. I have learned the true meaning of honoring myself. Selena's work has given me the ability to love and heal myself in ways unimaginable to me. I have gained a better understanding of Ebb + Flow. I have also become much more in tune with energies.


- Cynthia Philip

Thank you soul much for all that you are. I'm truly grateful to be a student in your Frequency Upgrades circles. Thank you for making everything so fun with your creative exercises. Thank you for holding such a powerful container for us to experience the exact thing we needed to hear and undergo. I am truly grateful. During the container, I felt so taken care of. Thank you for always honoring our water. Your water blessings will always stay with me. 

- Anoushka D'souza, Meditation INtegration Coach.

Selena Moon is a wonderful, wise and knowledgeable teacher. She is open and loving in her approach with her students, gently guiding them through growth and transformation.  The Frequency Circle exercises were fun hands on experiences which equipped me with tools for my personal expansion.Thanks Selena and Melissa for all you do.

-Jude Conn

Retreat Testimonials

Treat for the mind (eye), body (spirit) and soul. Connecting is not easy and trust n yourself/myself is difficult. The space, activities, intentions behind each step facilitated exploration and expansion of my personal faith and connection with my higher self. Thank you! Much love.

- Maddie

Selena's divine inception/execution of her retreat allows you to deeply understand your soul's true purpose and desires. Her meticulous attention to detail from location to the position of items in a room allow one to instantly feel understood. This retreat has changed me on so many levels. Two short days has forever created an impact and insight for my future.

- Monica Arora Bir

Thank you! Selena, coaching with you is an evolution into seeing ourselves past our own blind spots. To allow us to connect the spiritual, emotional and mental self so we can succeed in our businesses, careers, and our own personal lives.

- Rose N

Selena helped me see myself clearly, and the retreat supported me through the process with nourishing foods and elixirs.

- Anonymous

I have worked with Selena for 6+ years. She has guided me through a very long cycle. I felt coming to this retreat and seeing her was the closing ceremony I needed. This cycle is now completed and gave me the downloads of information I needed to work through the final lessons I need to take with me to my next chapter. I felt comfortable, supported and well fed by the group. Thank you for your endless guidance.

- Sarah G

The time and energy that Selena has put in to prepare for each of us at this retreat is a gift!

Each moment was profound and has left me recharged for the next few months.

- Anonymous

This retreat was transformational, revealing and affirming! Selena's patience and direction was what made this retreat so fulfilling. The food and activities were fun, light and perfect to break up the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the time and effort you shared with us during the Soulploration Retreat 2021


- Immy K

This retreat was exactly what I needed! It forced me into the placed I needed to face. Every detail from the activities, to the food was so well connected to the process. Thank you!

- Anonymous

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