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SoulSpark Details

If you have never been a part of any of Selena's group retreats, events, online courses or training - this page will help you gain more clarity about her offerings. 

Breakdown of SoulSpark Offerings

Weekly Channeled Guidance for the Group

Each week, Selena will meditate on the energy of the group and ask for the overarching message to support positive changes. This message will be shared on the newsfeed as a written post. Visit Selena’s Instagram page to get a feel for channeled messages that are posted weekly @selenamoonmagic

2-4 Teaching Videos per Month

When Selena is guided, she will be sharing a special live video with the group to touch on an important subject that is in the energy field. Each video will offer tools, resources and techniques to support growth and expansion based on the energies present. Anyone can join this live, or watch it on their own time. Please note that personal questions will not be answered during these live videos. Some videos may resonate with you more than others, use your discernment to decide which videos are most applicable to your life path. You can always go back and watch previously recorded videos at a later time.

Selena’s Workbooks

We encourage our participants to have a regular journaling practice to help them to ascend. Selena offers’ workbooks and journaling tools you can download and print to help you with your own journaling practice. If you feel called to share a prompt and your personal response on the group page, you are welcome to do so.

Weekly Energy Healing

Selena is an experienced healer who will be using her gifts to join all registered souls into a healing circle each week. The distance healing sessions are guided by the light, and are not programmed or designed for a particular outcome. The intention is to support the highest and best good of each participant. There are no spells used or deities called in. Selena uses her connection to her higher self to connect with the higher self of the souls involved - and then asks the divine to take over and guide the healing session. Those in the Divine Spark membership program may receive personalized messages that come up during the healing session in a private message.

Burning Questions

For those in the Burning Questions membership, they may post on the facebook burning questions callout up to 2 detailed questions they may have per month. These questions can be anything pertaining to challenges or roadblocks they may be facing. The purpose of having people share their questions on the wall is for others in the community to learn that they are not alone, and to connect with possible solutions to their own struggles by receiving an intuitively guided response from Selena.

Moon Message

A moon message is a handwritten message written on a blank card. Selena writes several of these each month and hides them individually in a blank envelope. She intuitively picks the perfect message for the soul she is mailing it to, and trusts they will receive it in divine timing. No two messages are the same, and each message is channeled through her higher self. Selena herself will not know which message you received, so if you feel called to share your message with the group, you can take a picture of it and post it on the wall.

Channeled Painting

Selena will connect with your soul and create an abstract art piece filled with colours, frequencies, ascension portals and embedded affirmations that you can use to meditate with. The piece is texturized in a way that when you close your eyes and feel the painting, you will receive your own personal downloads. The energy of your painting will be most supportive during a six month period. You can look at your painting from various perspectives and write down how it makes you feel, what images you may see, and what information you feel it has for your life. It may take time for you to connect with your painting, so if it doesn’t resonate right away, trust that it will in the perfect moment. You may take a photo of your painting and share it with the group to collect their insights.


Each membership demonstrates eligibility for a particular type of giveaway. Selena offers extra perks to members when her energy is in overflow and she recognizes growth and engagement in participants who are using the tools given to evolve. 

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