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What story are you telling people??

Did you know that the story you tell others is what becomes and shapes your reality?

Sometimes we say things like - "Yes, I want to live in a new house but I can't afford one so I am just going to stay miserable in this one."

(Could also apply to body, relationship, careers, etc.)

These are the types of stories that get in the way of progress. I remember an author once told me "I already wrote a book and it didn't get great reviews so there's no point in writing another one"

Or "I already tried to lose weight and it wasn't successful so I am just going to choose this unhealthy life because it brings me more satisfaction"

These are all stories that are not actually serving anyone.

In the first story - the individual is basically calling off all gifts from the universe to assist in manifesting abundance. This person has very strong limiting beliefs that they are incapable of creating new streams of income. They also believe that they must pay for a new house. They also assume they will continue to be miserable in the house they are in.

On the flip side - this individual could say that they are going to keep their options open in searching for new ways to create abundance, that they are open to receiving a house from the universe at even no cost! That even if they don't find a new place to live right away, they can still find comfort in the one they are in.

In the second story, the individual has a limiting belief that they're success as an author depends on reviews. They lack the belief that they can use the first book as a learning experience in creating a new one. They also lack the belief that writing a book can be a beloved journey that can bring about new awareness in ones' life whether or not anyone purchases it to begin with.

In the third story, the individual uses the word "try" which insinuates they didn't go at it full force. The individual simply gives up after this and believed that the process requires work and its unfulfilling. Their ego has convinced them that living an unhealthy life is suitable because it requires less essence, the spirit will never conform to an unhealthy life - as the word "unhealthy" itself has connotations the individual has associated with it that dictates certain behaviors based on perception. 

I recommend you start paying attention to the stories you are telling others and notice where your own limiting beliefs are - if you need assistance, please book a personal healing session with Selena to get to the root of your blocks.

In love and light as always

Selena Moon

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