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The Power of Forgiveness

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In order to really heal the heart chakra, one must make the organic decision to forgive.

Many of us carry long withheld pain in the heart - that comes from hurt and grief in our earlier years. Even in past lives - many old souls have been through several wars and plagues and have watched many family members pass away.

This pain resides within our DNA and is withheld in the hearts contained in the body, resulting in armor or a depletion of energy around the physical container of the heart. This energy gets trapped and prevents one from truly connecting from a place of unconditional love with others moving forward - it corrupts the patterns of divine love in either giving or receiving.

Forgiveness is the ultimate practice to heal this pain. EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE THEY NEED TO FORGIVE - whether its a manager that spoke to you the wrong way in the first job you ever held, the sibling you tormented you, the parent who denied you what you wanted, the bird that shat on your head! It is EVERYTHING that you have internalized - even that which you believe to be minute and irrelevant is stored as emotions in your biological body!

The best way to go about forgiveness is to always begin with yourself - what do you hold guilt for? What do you feel bad about? What are you feeling ashamed of? 

I recommend writing a letter to yourself - forgiving yourself for anything that you are holding onto - and then burning this letter so the universe can take it off your hands and the energy can depart your field to create a new sensation of balance within you.

Then, I recommend writing a letter to anyone who has ever hurt you - even if a homeless man yelled something inappropriate to you on your way home from work one day - all of this must be included. You may have to write several letters over the course of a few days. Again, burn these letters and allow for a shift in your energy. You will likely feel a lot lighter and notice that your personal relationships feel easier and that love flows back and forth infinitely.

Enjoy the forgiveness process, you will be forever changed!!

Love always

Selena Moon

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