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Soft Heart, Flowing Mind

One of the best ways to live life is with a soft heart, and a flowing mind.

What exactly does this mean? It means tuning in. It means listening to that voice inside that sounds childlike - something you would see a child look up to his parent and say "I want that!"

That is happening within you all the time. There's that voice inside that says "I like this, I don't like this, I like, I don't like, etc."

When you tune into that voice - there's an even deeper sensation that speaks to only pulses with what you do like...and truly its not what you like, but what you LOVE.

It is the hearts energy, the subtle desires of the soul that are drawn to certain people, foods, places, careers, books, cars, movies, etc. In that energy, all of the answers to your happiness lie! This means, if you pay attention to your heart energy and keep the focus there - then you can be truly aware.

So often we go through life completely ignoring the desires of our heart - lets get married now so that we stopped getting harassed by family members, lets lose 20lbs by harsh dieting even though the spirit wants to move through this journey with more ease and grace, let's go on a 4 day vacation close by when the heart wants to visit a foreign country for a month....who are you trying to impress?

Your goal should be first and foremost to make your heart the priority. Why do you think so many people suffer from heart disease? They ignore the voices of the heart and try to cloud their desires by logical explanations as to why they shouldn't do what they want because of this or that.

Let is go. Listen to your innermost desires and feel for what excites you - what brings you passion - what makes you feel the healthiest - what makes you glow the most! That is where the belly of your life's happiness sits!

Once you have this in your full awareness, then you say to spirit - "SHOW ME THE WAY"....let your mind then come to play. Little aspects will begin to bubble up into your world that will gently guide you - then you can use your mind to make the logistical steps forward.

Always lead with the heart - your intelligence will kick in after the heart has had the first opportunity to share its' desire with you.

Now go out there and live a blissful life, there's so much juicy goodness waiting for you!!

Love always


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