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Language is your Magic Wand

Did you know that the language you use is a direct communication to the heavens as a request, command or desire? When we use language, we create our reality with it. There is a big difference between saying "I am annoyed, tired and frustrated with my work" vs. "I am realizing its time for a change and I am looking for something new that invigorates me". Pay attention to the common language you use on a regular basis because this is truly dictating your reality.

For example: I am going to kill him for this (you are creating negative karma in this very statement) She/He is a pain in my neck (you are going to create a pain in your neck) These mosquitoes will be the death of me! (you are shortening your life span) I can't trust anyone these days! (you are pushing your friends/supportive peers away) I am laughing my ass off (don't be surprised if your but starts shrinking!) I am bending over backwards for them (you will start feeling pain in your lower back) All hell is breaking loose (attracting more negativity into your life) Nobody cares about anyone these days (you are perpetuating this belief) You have to be careful with theft around here (creating more fears and amplifying this) Humanity is falling apart (you will begin to see your life fall apart because you are humanity) I have to work hard to make money (and so it is! says the universe) The systems are all corrupt (creating more scenarios to observe this in your life) There's never enough time in a day (you are speeding up time with these words) Carbs make me gain weight (every time you eat carbs you will gain weight) Those who are over concerned with being "realistic" and who believe in the scientific facts will struggle the most with language. When you can trust that the universe always has your back and that everything will work out to your advantage 100% of the time, then you can begin to see the world with rose colored glasses....some may believe you are delusional, but those will be the same people coming back to you years later wondering how you manifested a peaceful and abundant life while they are still so heavily grasping on to thoughts of being realistic and trusting the media.

You got this. Love yourself so much that you adopt a new way of speaking. You will surely change your reality in this manner! GUARANTEED Selena #language #affirmations #manifestation #Abundance #happiness #lawofattraction #selfawareness #selfdevelopment #healyourself

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