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It's not what you do that matters...

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Its WHY you do it!

In essence, everything you do is charged with intent. EVERYTHING. If you are going out for drinks with your friends - you can do it from a place of wanting to escape your life and consciousness, or you can do it from a place of having fun and spending time with loved ones. 

Generally speaking the rule of thumb is - if it feels good - DO IT and if it doesn't - then don't. 

How do you know if it feels good to your ego vs, your spirit? Now that is the brilliant question of the century. This is what it comes down to - how self-aware are you? Do you know yourself well enough to say "I am eating this because I am lonely" vs. "I am eating this because its' delicious and makes my body feel vibrant and healthy!"

The more you go through this site - the more you will see the importance of being self-aware. Do you know your shadow self? Do you have a desire to please people? Do you want to look good in front of others? Are you looking for approval and recognition? Do you want to be popular? Do you sacrifice your own needs and put others before you? Do you honor your body and its' sacredness? Do you search for drama? Are you addicted to pain? Do you find even minute pleasure in playing the role of a victim? Do you judge others just as harshly as you judge yourself? Do you have a sense of entitlement? Do you hold on to grudges? Do you expect people to read your mind and decode your emotions? Do you feel guilty for asking for what you want? Do you feel like there isn't enough love and abundance for you?

There are so many human conditions we are clearing right now. If you can go through the answers to these questions and really find the truth for YOU - then you will start to recognize more of the intent as to WHY you are doing certain things.

I chose to write a forgiveness letter to all my ex's the other day because I realized that I was in the relationships for the wrong reasons, I was looking for love outside myself because I thought there wasn't enough for me. After doing this - I went to sleep and woke up the next day feeling like a completely different person. I put an end to the pattern and became self-aware!

What are you ready to acknowledge and release? The time is now.

Much love beautiful soul

Selena Moon

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