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How to transform QUICKLY

I understand that when you are disconnected from source - you feel helpless, perhaps more like a victim than an empowered being with full control over your reality.

There is a strong fear around not having everything you desire and you seem to pay more attention to what is lacking than what you actually have in the moment.

During this time, it is important to notice how you are feeling. Do not ignore the darkness, because ignoring it will only perpetuate it more. You may have a tendency to want to escape by taking some form of drugs, caffeine, eating, getting lost in youtube videos, etc. This is the ego's way of self-rejection. DO NOT GIVE IN.

Instead, it is important to acknowledge how you feel - notice the feelings that are coming up for you. Are you frustrated? angry? sad? helpless? needy? lacking? depressed? victim? dis-empowered? jealous? sensitive? closed? envious?

Once you can pin point the main feelings - then you can begin to release them. It is important to say - "Even though I feel _____, I see that there is an opportunity for me to think differently".

Here are some more one-liners that will help - "Even though I feel _____, I see that in the grand scheme of thins this is just a minor bump in the road"

"Even though I feel _____, I know that the universe is trying to show me a lesson for my highest good."

"Even though I feel _____, I can sense that something better is on its' way"

Choose the ones that serve you best, there is no pressure to use one or the other if it doesn't resonate with you. Feel free to use the one's provided as a template to creating your own set of sentences to bail you out of a negative emotion as well.

Happy transformations my spiritual brothers and sisters,

Love always

Selena Moon

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