Getting Grounded

Often times when we begin moving into spiritual awakenings we can become un-grounded. This is a term used to describe the sensation of losing sight of the earthly plane. We must be in balance - understanding in every cell of our being the importance of staying balanced between heaven and earth. You may have heard the term "as above, so below".

It is beautiful to honor the newly formed relationship with the divine you are experiencing, however it is key to remember to continue to build upon your relationship with mother earth.

This means - being aware of the day to day tasks such as eating, sleeping, being hydrated, taking care of your bills, cleaning your room, actively being involved in the relationships with other people and animals and plants - being mindful of community and service.

Simply astral traveling and allowing your spirit to roam from place to place can take you off this plane quite quickly - and coming back is no easy ordeal.

Many of you seek these astral experiences in an effort to escape this reality - this is not an ideal way to face your fears. It is the "cop out" mechanism for wanting to avoid the responsibility and task your soul has chosen to embody a human form.

If you are feeling spacey, and having many "out of body" experiences, my recommendation to you is to apply some of the following:

1. Spend time in nature

2. Re-decorate your room

3. Eat small quantities of nuts or meat

4. Enjoy time with friends who are doing good things for the world

5. Connect with soul family members and share with them what you are going through

6. Grow a plant

7. Get a pet or spend time with your pets

8. Organize something, add structure to it

These should get you going on the right path!! Best wishes on your journey

In loving energies,

Selena Moon

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