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Failure is Imaginary

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

To tell you the truth, everything is imaginary. We create the reality around us based on perception which is coupled by observation and experience.

You can read these words because from a young age you were taught how to perceive letters as corresponding to sounds, and then to words, and then to sentences and paragraphs that overall held meaning...and some more literally and some more metaphorical.

The same is true for concepts such as "mistake" or "sin" or "failure". You were taught from a young age that these types of concepts are very real and do exist, for example the big "F" one may see after submitting an exam in school...or the concept of "sin" as represented in the Bible or the Quran - as though we are here to be punished and hurt by the very source that created us. 

These are all mis-representations of what humans experience from the point of view from spirit. In spirit land - there are no mistake, sins or failures - there are only lower frequencies or higher frequencies.

The lower frequencies result in actions that are more heavily influenced by ego, and the higher frequencies are ones that are more influenced by spirit. In essence, we need balance to survive here on earth. Light and dark both must exist simultaneously.

The key to happiness is to see that you can not ever really be a failure - that everything is just here to teach you something - and when something doesn't go as planned - it doesn't mean that it's wrong  - it just means that there was something that needed to be learned.

In essence, you are always learning and if you are here reading this blog I can guarantee that you are open to self-awareness and transformation through your perceptions of life!

I truly honor you and forgive you for anything you believe you may have incorrectly done. It is regardless of what your religion taught you, your parents taught you, your teachers taught you or what a book told are a perfectly organic growing being with so much capacity for infinite love and potential - nothing can stop source from loving you!


Much love to your magnificent soul


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