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Energy is Everything...

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I am sure you have heard this concept many times, "everything is energy"

But what does that really mean?

How does it apply to your practical life?

In essence, every single thing you see or don't see carries a vibration: your bed, your desk, your computer, your alarm clock, your dishes, your lights, your clothes, your home, your family dynamic, the street you live on, the mall you shop at, the restaurant you frequent, the music you listen get the point.

These vibrations can have a slow, dense frequency (which will dictate the color, for example) or a fast and light frequency (like the light from the sun).

Some energies are extremely powerful at uplifting your vibration (depending on where your vibration is at), and some are extremely capable of bringing your energy down (again, depending on where your energy is at).

Thoughts, people, art, animals are also energy! They come in clusters and vibrate in unique ways. (See "Spirit science" on YOUTUBE to get more information about the quantum physics of this information).

That being said, certain energies can uplift you- and certain energies can lower your vibration.

For example, if you listen to music that is filled with information to convince you that women are bitches, and that sex is pursuit - then you will likely have these types of lower level thoughts running through your subconscious mind. However, if you listen to music that is filled with drums and stories about our ancestors - you will be more grounded and connected to your soul and the earth.

If you spend time with people that gossip - rather than people who offer new ideas and insights and expressions of authenticity - then you are lowering your vibration.

If you consume foods that are made with the sole intention of monetary gain rather than providing value and nutrition - then you are also lowering your vibration.

If you surround yourself with clutter and dishes are piling up and there is spoiled food in the fridge, then you are also lowering your vibration.

If you go to sleep watching the news and instilling fear in your vibration then you will also lower your energy.

So on the flip side, what can you do to heighten yourself?

Well, reading blogs like this will most certainly assist your progress. Here are some more ideas: paint, draw, write, dance, sing, sleep enough, drink enough water, clean up your space, engage with mother earth, express how you feel, take a long walk, do yoga, shower with intentions of purification, laugh with friends, read fun and exciting books, educate yourself on natural topics of that spark your interest, and listen to music that makes your heart sing!

Pay attention to the places you go, the activities you partake in, and the behaviors of those around you -- if they don't feel aligned with you - then you know it is time to move in a new direction!

Wishing you the BEST on your self-awareness journey

Love you

Selena Moon

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