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Creative Outlets

Did you know that optimizing your creativity can enhance your quality of life, balance your brain, increase your blow of abundance and heal you sacral chakra?

Yes! I said it. Each and every one of us is a creator, every sentence we utter is created by us, every move we make throughout the day, the way we walk, the way we sleep...the way we organize our bathroom, our bedroom, our kitchen, our food...these are all outlets for creativity.

When we go on believing that life is boring and mundane, it is often because we have stopped appreciating the tastes and colors and shapes and smells that life has to offer! When we are always rushing from one plan to the next, not really stopping to manifest a new-creation in our everyday lives we are blocking our sense of fun and adventure as well.

How many visits to the same restaurant does it take for you to notice the art on the walls, the flowers on the tables, the fabric of the table cloths, or the scents emerging from the kitchen?

Look into your life and see how you can be more creative - where can you draw more, color-code more, optimize scents in your home with essential oils, give birth to arts and crafts for your home - find new ways to play with your pets or children...find yourself a blog to write on, a video to comment about...anything to get the juices flowing will assist you in bringing more balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain as well as within the sacral chakra!

Get out there and show yourself what you are capable of my dear!!


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