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Personalized sessions with selena moon

A PLACE OF COMFORT & personal evolution


These invigorating sessions offer a safe environment where you can explore the depths of yourself through sharing and shifting, under Selena's Guidance. Here, you will be offered tools and insights that will help you to abandon ways of thinking that have kept you trapped in a more 3D state of fear.


Therapy Session
Woman Relaxing

When many of us experience trauma, we form strong networks in our brain that aim to keep us secure and protect us from harm. This is because we have not yet learned the necessary lessons from our trauma, and integrated the growth and transformation it was meant to bring forth for us. This can lead us to living perpetually in a disempowered state, to the point where we have become slaves to our own mind.

In order to move out of a state of fearing bad things will happen, one must be open and willing to heal. Healing happens in many different ways for many different people. It is simple, however, as healing is just about moving from one state of being into another. 

Yoga at Home

Selena's approach is not about imposing one way of healing, but offering an intuitively guided pathway to healing that is sacred and aligned with you, based on your belief systems. Some of her clients enjoy being taken through guided visualizations to reclaim their true power, while others prefer to get things off their chest that have been burdening them for years. Still, others prefer Selena shares her wealth of knowledge on energy and the Universal Laws while they remain silent and take in the information so they can apply it in their every day lives.

your Journey with selena

Holding Hands

Whether you are new to personal development or an expert, Selena has a solution for you within her, to your most pressing issues.

When you work with Selena, you will feel as though someone is holding your hand and offering you some peace of mind, so that you can relax your body, come back to your true divine nature, and embrace the beautiful person you are, inside and out.


"One of the most soulful women that I have had the privy of meeting and getting to know. She has helped me A LOT through my self identifying journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone that holds self-growth valuable." 


Melissa Ziaei

"If you’re interested in change but at a loss for direction not only will she point you toward the right path she provides vast services to help you achieve your goals. If you want true healing and health, working from the inside out is the way to do this and I guarantee Selena has the wealth of knowledge, the aptitude, the warm heart and the welcoming soul to get you where you want to be and most importantly where you need to be." 


Chantel Lewis

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