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After journeying through the lands of Africa, Europe, South America, and the USA, Selena discovered her true passion for understanding the threads that unify humanity.


Selena became dedicated to the journey of self-discovery; and in doing so, she was able to see, feel and empathize with a wide range of people whom she could then assist in the transformation process. 

Selena is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Psychosomatic Therapist, and energy healer. She has a formal degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology and a masters in Applied Linguistics.

Besides being a  facilitator in Spiritual Development, Selena prioritizes practical applications, intellectual self-analysis, and emotional awareness. 

Selena has  led over two hundred online programs, workshops, speaking gigs, and webinars to assist thousands of individuals all over the world in mastering themselves and bringing positive change into their lives. 

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